We mentor everyday people to discover or refine their unique gifts and talents, find the tribe of likehearted people dedicated to the adventure of a hero’s journey, the accountability they need to follow their bliss and the wisdom necessary to earn a living through their superpowers while having a ripple of impact on the world.

Our School Is Designed Like A Martial Arts System

From white belt to black belt – the journey to your mastery and the many amazing waves your movement can make in the world takes time.

Therefore, we designed a school to help entrepreneurs at all stages of their career starting with online courses and accountability available 24/7 all the way up to direct mentorship programs and high level masterminds as you grow…

Our 8 Stage Hero's Journey


Everyone starts their journey somewhere! This first free level is designed to help you define, explore and commit to your path today…

We can help you get clear on which one of your many ideas you should begin with today.

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Once you have developed your brand, audience and established your income stream and voice it is time to begin considering which vertical you want to master

This level is filled with guest teachers who are masters of their respective domains to teach you how to ascend into the next level of any one specific topic you are looking to be world class at.

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There is only one true way to experience a Hero’s Journey sometimes and that’s to embark on one in the real world.

Escape your comfort zone and dive deep into an adventure in some distant beautiful lands – we promise the adventures are life changing…

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There is no better way to learn something than to immerse yourself completely into the thick of any topic. We take a hands on approach to direct mentorship from masters helping those behind them no matter where they are on the path.

Thus we create longer in person experiences that provide a real opportunity to build a powerful bond between teacher and student that truly pulls back the curtain behind how things truly get done in any field.

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As you reach the heights of the mountain to go for the summit is a journey rarely done alone. We hand select and invite the most epic and powerful superhero’s to a private invite only event happening all around the globe.

These events have no publicly available agenda – and are reserved for only the bold who are willing and able to take on the world’s biggest challenges at the largest of scales.

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The top of the mountain is a glorious triumph but what is being at the top if not to support others journey to get there…

This is the black belts job in martial arts and therefore the same in our academy. This is also a stage in which the masters who have met at the summit actually begin to form working groups and build organizations that solve massive problems.

Students who reach this stage are eligible to receive various types of investment from our fund.

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We Engineer Superheroes

Rapidly Gain the Tangible Marketing Skills and Mindset Upgrades Needed to Solve the World’s Biggest Problems While Living a Life of Wisdom, Impact, and Adventure.

Even if you’re completely new to online marketing and have struggled for weeks or months getting your game-changing movement or social business off the ground.